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Real Estate Law Center assists homeowners in their struggle against predatory mortgage lending, and mortgage loan fraud lenders. The Real Estate Law Center offers a variety of solutions not only for homeowners in distress but also for those who are upside down in "bad" loans due to lender liability. Homeowners can retain our firm in one of our Mass Tort cases, an individual lawsuit against a lender, or a lawsuit within a bankruptcy filing.

Predatory mortgage lending, according to the office of inspector general of the FDIC, is "imposing unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers." 

Real Estate Law Center offers many effective solutions, including Mass Tort litigation, which involves joining other homeowners who have been wronged by their lender because of predatory lending practices or loan fraud. Although it is a single action, each homeowner can get individual relief. It is different from a class action because it is financed by the litigants and not by the attorneys. In class action, the attorneys take their fees from the court and this normally leaves the class members paltry awards (e.g. $12.00 or free service for a month). In Mass Tort litigation, most of what is awarded goes to the homeowners.

Real Estate Law Center also files individual cases for those people who do not qualify for our Mass Tort actions. Although more costly, individual cases against lenders, like Mass Tort actions, can potentially result in monetary damages, principal reductions, and other forms of relief.

Our firm is located in Los Angeles, California                  

We welcome your inquiries regarding a lawsuit against your lender.

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The Bank of America Complaint is a landmark lawsuit filed on behalf of homeowners. Many borrowers can be greatly helped by this action.
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This mortgage calculator is to be used as a tool for homeowners to calculate what their new payment would likely be if we prevail in our lawsuit.
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